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What is the effect of the parents’ socioeconomic background on their child’s academic achievement?

What a good question and I can only answer it from my point of view for I have not done enough research and it really reminds me of degree type questions…. 😉

I believe that the socioeconomic background has an enormous influence on the child’s academic achievements. We shall leave aside the odd farmer’s son who goes to Harvard if you will! We shall also leave aside the fact that some high IQ children (and thus parents) come from the ruralist areas, thus we shall really talk about the majority of cases.

I think we all have knowledge and a brain to begin with that is NOT the same, we are not all equal and to make everyone fit into a particular mould is wrong – again my view. We can however all shine at various levels, can we not? And I believe it is this that is important here, in life.

In this digital economy that is coming upon us like a tidal wave, we know nothing about anything! This ‘old’ school question is not of the essence of life today. For perhaps things that were of “lower” socioeconomic standing yesterday is of better use tomorrow.

That being said i believe academic achievement is also dinosaur age 😉

Gone are the days of Oxbridge or Ivy leagues or Grandes Ecoles ruling the place, now college dropouts are making things happen – Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and even my mentor Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross!!

The really lovely thing about the new digital economy is that it is one of exchange and giving value. The more value you give the bigger the paycheck – that you write yourself, no longer dependent on a boss!!

You are dependent thought on education still – to learn will not go away. And you can learn many different ways so I believe the socioeconomic background of the parents to not really be such an issue as before. Everything will be online, and most importantly it will all depend on YOU and your soul. This has been so neglected of late that any ‘bizarre’ kid will stand their chance, and more 🙂

So I suggest you look up this digital economy stuff on my website and make a new life for yourself – be prepared though to have amazing paradigm shifts!

Enjoy the journey

Bon voyage


In which circumstances have you ever applied controlled physical discipline to your kids?

Whilst I am not a great believer in physical I have been know to use it obviously with parsimony, but like any parent I am but human!!

I found the techniques had their effect on my children:

  1. Asking the child to hold out their hand and then just gently tapping it has as much effect as a huge big whack! I recall once in England when the law against violence to children had just passed I was visiting family – I live in France – and was in a touristic place in a market place. I told the child to put his hand out and the whole town went silent, like in the films you know… So I did the deed and whilst I was telling my friends over dinner I saw their faces drop…That’s when they told me about the law!!!!!!
  2. I personally hated the I’ll count to 3 and then if you ever get to 3 then you HAVE to execute, so I would occasionally use this technique BUT I would say to the children I am counting in my head… I loved doing this way for there is no time limit or anything but the child’s own time perception 🙂
  3. And my really torturous one was the cold shower (on the legs up to the hips) during the nights when the kids – who all slept together (3 under 5 years old) had some nights with a little over excitement!! The trouble starts when older they just look at you when you put the cold water on their legs and they look at you with defiance!!!!!

I hope you have got some value out of this and I have been extremely vulnerable telling you some truths about the most intimate parts of a mother’s life and whilst I try first and foremost, and believe that the non violence, using the neurolinguistic way, never a spank hurt if properly applied. Nevertheless one must recall mother’s may go awry go read this 5 Reasons Why Feminism Needs to Address Child Abuse (While Yes, Recognizing That Women Can Be Abusive Too) – Everyday Feminism

Bon voyage 🙂 and should you need any help write to me 🙂

Raw Divorce Talk

The rawness of this video may put you off,  may scare you – unless you’ve been there… Then I hope this is inspirational.

New Moves for My Soul :)

Tai Chi is a marvelous tool to have under your belt. Strive for perfection 😉

In my state that starts with getting supple again 😀

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Dr Emoto’s Water Crystals images