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Welcome yourself to Delightfully Divorced 😉

Simply follow the steps…

Let’s get you back on your feet – read my simple steps to gaining back your happy face smile

Gain some digital skills so you can continue to live and thrive, not barely survive….

Keep that mind stable and growing with lots of love and wonderdust, so you can sprinkle it on the family too 😀


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A great way to reseach is to invite the information into you. Just watching aTedX talk whilst doing the washing up can be very healing – ok possibly not on the spot but you will take it in and digest it – at your own pace.  So here are some of my articles, Youtube videos and I do a Facebook live almost daily…

Enjoy the journey, for we never arrive 🙂






Ultimate Consciousness

Gaining Digital Skills – It’s show time 🙂

You don’t have to stop being a stay at home Mum. You can still stay at home and educate the children who are having some turmoil themselves!  All the while gaining your digital education skills. This particular platform has a business model that you can plug into and ‘earn as you learn’ system enabling you to have an affiliate business, all automated, with no technological knowledge, a community of like minded individuals (that supported me throughout my separation without ever knowing about it – until one day, with a mentor we came up with this – Delightfully Divorced dot com – so I could put all this agony to use and help others pass through the eye of the needle!). Yes you can earn money, is it hard – well let me put it this way – do you think you can get an MBA without hard work? Tis the same, except the cutting edge of their business model is that the only way to learn is to do… So do. The perspectives are talk about in my video below…

link talked of in video

So now you have the feeling of what I mean about the Digital Economy, gain the educational skills that will enable you to become the best version of yourself possible by learning new skills in a modular system. Thus you can take the time you want, when you have it (most start once the children are in bed, if they have a job, making the best of all the time we have in a day!) Should you click on this link you shall be taken to another site explaining it all.

Time to work on ME

I made things really simple to do. There is enough turmoil as it is during the separation phase.

You see, when I walked away, with a car load of stuff (5 mattresses & all!) I found that the energy I needed to move one foot in front of the other was more than I had to give. Like an ant going up Everest, freezing my every muscle at the bottom, the shear thought of looking up ahead made me fall to the glacial ground, chilling me to the core. With these techniques I awakened the lost soul inside, dusted myself so as to bring her back to life. Then it was not about me but her, so whilst helping her, I helped me. 

I can only tell you that today, form my point of view, it seems so, so far away…. Yes I am almost at the top of Mt Everest 😉 and yet it has only been 18 months ago that I walked away from my previous life…

Go and have a look at the modular system I put in place. Starting with very gentle, simple yet very powerful techniques getting you one step ahead each day, every day. Click here for more information.

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