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7 Helpful Steps to Move Past the Pain of Infidelity

  1. Journal. This is a great way to make you feel better, let out your emotions and you can even write letters to the person that hurt you it will be so much better for you to let out the emotions. I personally adore videos, as I had to learn how to do videos and this made it easier for me to get to the 21st century letter writing I find, videos are poignant and pass all tests! Go to Delightfully Divorced closed group video page
  2. Focus on you, your emotional, physical and spiritual needs, the better you will feel. Obviously focusing on the other will send you to a darker place!
  3. When your thoughts start to give you a little ‘how could she/he?’ ‘what’s wrong with me?’ listen to where these thoughts are taking you and go there, observe it, and leave!
  4. Call a friend, no ranting but listening ‘what are you up to?’ etc… This takes the focus off your anger and focusing more on sharing and listening.  A true friend – love that energy and live more in that field 😉
    If you can’t call then:
    Watch a movie;
    Read a book;
    Take up a new hobby – sewing, painting, drawing…. making videos 😉
    Meditate, do some yoga, go for a walk in a park with trees (= birds, nature…)
  5. Analyse clinically the marriage This honesty means that you can go forwards with new relationships – friends or more 😉 A little psychoanalysis? EMDR…
  6. Build a support network of friends, an online community, a religious one… Go out and build one of love, trust and empathy.
  7. Be gentle to yourself and have some compassion too.

This gives you back your power. To a certain degree and I have found this is the most single best thing that I can do for ME



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