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A Sneak Peak Of The People I Frequent Now 😉

Love is the answer to most of our problems. In fact if we just had the love hormone within us constantly it would be so amazing;

No more, or a lot less injuries to the body. You seem to float when you’re covered by the love hormone 😉

Looking good and eating well – naturally like when we were babies just eating until we were full – no pigging out blues on chocolate, chips and so forth to get the love hormone or the happiness ‘drug’ we are producing it!

Always a quick pick me up jab, we mastermind daily (one of the 5 things leaders do) and there we meet up and have a giggle and spread the love – because the community is worldwide the mastermind calls are on different times so sometimes I am up at 23.00 other times my Australian friends are up at 5am; A recent study stated that you can get a release of oxytocin with just eye contact (this is all we get and it seems to be as good as a hug;)

This is what happens on I love you day This is so very special as I had a friend who tried to do the same with her group of peers and they all left before the day was out with rather nasty comments…

This is what keeps me going on my love cloud rightnow. I am very blessed to have them and it is an elite group of individuals who all get there by invite only, should you be interested contact me.



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