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Anger Management And Divorce

This is a very interesting topic… In the Cambridge dictionary ‘a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened‘  Personally, I felt this very way most of my married life, totally frustrated to the point of wanting to hurt HIM! Now I understand more and because his violence made it so much more complicated than it needed to be I quickly found myself in hate of life, the country I was living in and even Paris (France)!! So for me anger management came before divorce for sure.

Anger Management And Divorce may come in as a surprise for the couple who are just incompatible, but even recently a good male friend of mine was telling me that he would put the key in the door at night not knowing how he was going to be greeted and generally would receive the dinner in his face either at the beginning or at the end – to which I mentioned that this too was domestic violence and because he was a lawyer he had to concede that yes it was, so the anger management was more on her side before and after the divorce. 

Anger Management And Divorce during the Divorce is a different thing altogether I believe…

Here there is the injustice of it all, for sure, the not in total control of your life part to, here there is more evidence to the traits mentioned in the Huffington Post article about answering these sorts of questions:

• Do I lose my temper easily and quickly? 

• Do I show inconsistent behavior that is intimidating to others?

• Are family and friends afraid of me? 

• Have I hurt people close to me because of my anger?

• Have I tried to control my anger, but failed?

• Do I find myself explaining or justifying my aggressive behavior toward my ex or the kids? ……

Yes all these sorts of questions I was asking myself during my married life so afterwards? NO I was calming down in fact and finding a way to get back into the reality of things.

Anger Management And Divorce – How to cope?

There are basic strategies:

  • Allow yourself to be angry – don’t fight it but do it in private place with a pillow that you can punch!
  • Fear it not – this is a normal reaction so acknowledge it and if you can watch it from ‘afar’ i.e. observe it – a journal is good 😉
  • Anger can be a false friend if fed – it wants to hurt the other person that hurt you, but this is a negative, downward spiral – diet! (don’t feed it)
  • Others are not your judges – do not worry about what they may or may not think about your anger – you already have enough on your plate!
  • Exercise – even if it is just walking to the end of the road initially, get into the habit of moving to vent the anger, let it escape and be replaced by endorphins that will bring eventually happiness 😉

So here are 5 steps to coping with anger management and divorce.


Anger Management And Divorce – and Finally…

Imagine yourself, lying in bed calm, just imagine this… ‘How will my life look after the divorce?’ Gone the turmoil of anger, hate, lawyers, just love of the children from each parent and email the only form of communication for just now. Can you feel the calmness? The love for the children? Ah yes here it is the flow state… Welcome it and really try and anchor that feeling every moment you can…

Anger Management And Divorce,

live it,

breathe it,

embrace it,

and release it.

CatPayen. Founder.

Cat Payen. Founder at

I am dedicated to bring you value, techniques, tools and mentor you to have a delightfully divorced life. Divorce is final, and even though my own story is probably different to yours we as mothers first and foremost have to bounce back. I suffered domestic abuse, and although it takes two to tango, I fell really low and deep. But you can see videos about that for now I am out and about applying these and I have found the way to freedom - for me. I am a digital strategist extraordinaire, quite visionary really and this gives me vomph to my step, bounces me out of bed so as to serve you all better. I love my digital life style and would love for you to experience the community, camaraderie, and cutting edge marketing techniques. The one thing I found very helpful about the community is that it allows me to be me, in all my authenticity and dynamic, where at the worst of my life, here I could just be. No pretence not a mask to put on just be. The fact that we help each other means that there were always times I felt good about myself too. So apart from all these tools that I have gained in the process of getting myself aware of the situation I was in - domestic violence - was probably the single most important factor. But you too have got there if you are reading this, so now lets move you forwards and onwards.  Look, I would love for you to meet my mentors, or perhaps you would prefer an explanation of the system via a webinar? Just hit the links or skype me.

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