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After a divorce your vibrations are generally a little wacky, wouldn’t you say?!

Nevertheless let’s talk about your levels of awareness, I for one believe they must be on an evolutionary path otherwise you would still be where you were then, before the process begun. This is solely my interpretation.

So there are 4 levels of awareness, in consciousness evolution.

I follow very closely Vishen Liakian’s work here

Level Zero

Early mammals at this level zero, this was the level just up from animals. There are factors like speech, sedentarism starts along with farming… But we are still very much prehistoric, coming into the neolithic (9000BC) and possibly towards the Egyptian Era (3000BC), not quite there yet.

Level one

At this level communication leads to complete sentences, phrases and concepts. From the making of tools, houses, industries, laboratories, telescopes… Physical objects. Here humans communicate on a whole new level through language creating folk tales, ideals, mythologies, religious books and Gods, meditation, spirituality, industrial revolutions, art revolutions passing through the Renaissance, cubic, modern… This is really the basic human just like you and I.

Level two

On this level you sort of know what you want: a good marriage; a good career; a great income; a house; a family those sorts of goals.  But as you get closer and closer to your goals you realise that happiness never quite comes, the financial freedom is just around the next corner, this is not the right partner – and even if you manage to have reached all your goals – there is no fulfilment.

Here is where you start evolution, hacking evolution and this gets you up the Ultimate Consciousness ladder  ( LINK))))))))))))))))

So you throw ideas out the window and start creating your own. You must research, dig on the net, read, listen on YouTube. I highly recommend going to events to mix with and FEEL the energy of others who think like you, other hackers 😉

But let’s not get carried away here at level 2 you are still a victim of circumstance. The world is happening TO YOU. How sad, 🙁 poor little old me  ‘I can’t control it’ but the more you delve, inquire, explore, investigate we begin to understand that you can create your reality – what??? Yes YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY  (Link)))))))))))

Level Three.

Here is a whole different ball game. Intentions disappear and missions appear, that higher calling makes your life different, boundless…

The energy level you have reached means that you see things differently. You are vibrating at a different level so you are less attached to things – you are things. For example your views on religion takes on a whole new perspective, as you expand your consciousness you spend time ‘outta space’ and from there your vision of the earthly ideals take on a new dimension…


At level 2 you had goals and intentions. At level 3 you have a calling – a mission.  This is very powerful – a mission is bigger than the ego, bigger than most of your feelings so embrace it in and go live your mission.  My why is to bring joy and honour to others so they may shine and know they are worthy of peace.  This makes my mission take on life, breathe and smile 🙂  My mission is to help humans get more out of life after a violent relationship voir divorce.

Once you have your mission it is true your life changes. You are no longer seeking approbation from anyone for anything, you can stand on your own two feet, there are no failures, just lessons……………

So what are you doing from your level?

Whichever level you are at it is your duty to yourself to evolve into the best version of you that you can provide. Not only to get up the ladder of ultimate consciousness, not to ensure your creations become things, not for any level. Why then? For if you don’t you will never feel fulfilled.

Now there is a way to get to do this whilst earning money, good money (is there such a thing as bad money? comments below) whilst following a blueprint for your mind.  Meet my mentors Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross.

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