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Best Mum Marketing – Get it on and get out there!

What is Best Mum Marketing?

Ok let’s get real here for a moment shall we? I have been doing this affiliate marketing for some time now and never really been a fan of leader boards whatsoever! Thus have never been on them right!

Recently I was in on some mastermind group lead by a group of young lads who started this same venture as me and then their ladies joined in, so now there are four of them and having met them personally I love them very much, have much respect and know the hard work they put in. So I managed to get in on the group for their own members, so they are very authentic and energetic. They were talking about mindset, the growth or fixed mindset and how in retrospect they changed their mindset and their finances changed too. One of their examples was the leader board….

Before the boys used to look at peopleĀ on the leaderboards and be envious, jealous even I believe they said! But as they were growing and reading and doing the blueprint (provided by the affiliate company), listening to audios doing all they possibly could to change their fixed mindset to progress… One day ‘I looked at the leaderboards and became inspired!’ the infamous “If they can do it I can do it” slogan came to them and they took off… Have not been off the 1st place of the leaderboards since!

Personally I had heard this kind of story so many times, and it has never done much for me. I am far from jealous of the people on them, for I know the hard work it takes and even if I was putting in the hours I also knew the mindset was holding me back. Perhaps it was one of the tools they gave, a work they used, but I found myself later on that very day saying out of the blue:

‘I can’t be on the leaderboards but Best Mum Marketing can be, and I am going to show them all how it’s done!

And then the dance began… I could hear the music, knew the steps and now I was practicing! Relentlessly!

I was having fun, enjoying the journey, looking forward to it all again, this time I was going to win the dance I knew. Because I was now Best Mum Marketer. No more marketing title but the real mccoy marketer.

I had finally finished the metamorphosis and had eclosed into a beautiful dancing queen šŸ˜‰

What canĀ Best Mum Marketing do for me?

Ok like I have said previously I am pretty good at marketing! I have always had results on my ad placements and my ROI has been in the hundreds of percent returns. Small budget small returns… I have the marketing education.

Unable to scale. Why? Mindset! Mine was not a fixed mindset but a broken one that I’d had since childhood… And I chose to stay that way, or had not done enough work to push that barrier away, until that one day…

So suffice to say I can do a lot for you! I have lived through the majority of situations you can imagine, with respect to the mindset, and how to push on through those barriers. I have the mindset skills.

Oh yeah soĀ Best Mum Marketing…

Can get you an invitation to test drive the best affiliate marketing education platform out there (click here for your invite)

Can help you evolve with your mindset with the products of Delightfully Divorced (here)

The two combined are very powerful tools for your new life.

My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace.

Having gone from a violent relationship (27 years) to single Mum with 4 children, I worked hard. The mind is everything and without a good mindset you can do nothing of value.

I now run my own business, have my own workshops, create my own products and live the life IĀ make for myself. It really all took shape when I met Jay and Stuart. Twas a blessing that I would wish on every single person who is in any violence.

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