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Pardon does not mean Forgiveness…

Again everything I have learned stems from the Ultimate Consciousness. As I go up the ladder of conscious evolution I realise that to be, I must concentrate on myself and not on any body else. I had the good fortune to be doing the 6 Phase Meditation every day and part 3 is forgiveness so I was actively doing that part as best I could… ANd if you are not yet meditating I suggest you think on it very hard as to why not!

Why Pardon? That person did me wrong…

There are many reasons why you know or have heard of that you should pardon, religious ones for sure, the one I remembered from my childhood was that Jesus said to stop the Jewish way of ‘an eye for an eye… and give the other cheek’, why? I know not!

My sister also said to me – ‘Well you just can’t separate on a bad word. Imagine they die and that’s the last thing they hear from you! I know I could never forgive myself!’

So I have a sort of firesty nature and younger would be fast on the verbal reaction lever but equally fast on the lever to say ‘Oh please forgive me, I am so sorry.’ so as not to be left with a bad memory should they die… And I felt better quicker too 😉

So Forgiveness?

As I follow Vishen Likhiani at Mindvalley I learn as he does and his latest course ‘Become Limitless’ is the summary of 10 years of study and is absolutely amazing and this forgiveness part came greatly from his experience in the 40 years of Zen program. You can read the experience Vishen had here and he also gives a very precise methodology so go ahead and read it and try it. You then become :



And that’s a lovely feeling!

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