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This is an amazing insight and how I really feel about it all too. I have children that are highly bright – not delighted with the French education system and out there.  I so want them to do what Gary Vaynerchuck is saying and the Dad is so – get a job.

So Millenials what’s it gonna be?

I took the courage to talk to the Father. I told him what I really thought:

  1. As an entrepreneur himself how could he not let his children become their own ‘boss’?
  2. Before any child gets creative, they must get bored (things I used to say to my children ‘Oh Mummy, I’m bored!’ “Good, then you’ll get creative and find a way to stop the boredom!”);
  3. That ANYONE can get a job and earn money – but not everyone can be an entrepreneur;
  4. That our kids have special gifts (as does everyone – that’s a whole other chapter…) and they have the luck to have a Mother that can help them enormously with bringing them out- let’s take advantage of that;
  5. That if we could be the 2 of us taking the same language then our children would be more willing to take that leap of faith that needs to be addressed when embarking on any venture….

    Jumping into the unknown

    Jumping into the unknown


  6. That as he knew the universe catches you or helps you to grow wings on the way down!

Let me know how you get on with your millenials and also should you need a booster write to me, comment below or get module 1 😉

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