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Did you know that happiness is a choice?

Yes it is for you have to decide what you are thinking about – brings us back to other articles of ultimate consciousness,  and how you are vibrating today…

Do you know what your lizard brain does?

Most people do not know that the brain is in 3 parts,

  1. the lizard brain – instinct
  2. the limbric brain – emotions
  3. the neo cortex  – reason

For survival instinct you need to be aware of the bad and the negative around you. This is your lizard brain function taking over – frigt or flight mode still operates today in the 21st century, as it did in early hominids. And if you are hungry in a meeting, or in class for many youngsters then nothing else maters – the lizard brain takes precedence over all other needs!

This is why you notice negative things first and that will be your beastial instinct!

So to train your brain to get out of these negative emotions or feelings is no easy task in the beginning and sometimes you can get bogged down by them, getting into that spiral downwards spin seemingly impossible to get out of.  Some times this can happen in situations where you bring yourself to that place and down you will go time and time again. From the video you can see that for me it was going to my parents house. Although the area is amazing and I really love it there, to be with Mum is amazing but there will always be this downward spin.

How to get out of the lizard spiral?

This is once you know so simple it is silly! This is as I said once you know…

For those of you novices…

Get in gratitude mode – start a journal

Take gratitude

Fill yourself with love and light.

Join a community

Simple right so get going 😉

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