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Are you allowing violence in your life? Here’s Why?

Did you ever think that you create from nothing? Well that is not strictly true.  A creation comes from an image, which becomes a thought which becomes an action.

We never have an action which is not congruent with what we believe, and this was something that I could not understand. Why on earth would I let this violence in? Why even choose it? No, it must be me the innocent victime and he was just taking it out on me…

We Create Our Reality, So You Chose Violence.

Understanding the basics of energy vibrations and how it relates to us.

Let me state that every atom vibrates at a certain frequency.  This in turn will give a certain energy resonance.

energyfrequency(This is a basic interpretation obviously – as a chemist please forgive me if I diverge and get complicated 😉 ).

Understanding the resonance to emotions.

Every element and thus atom, has its own resonance, a little like a finger print.  Energy in motion = emotion.  That is the simplest way of explaining it. Thus low frequencies thus low vibrations give rise to lowly feelings : guilt; shame; blame; fear and so on whereas high frequencies give high vibrational frequencies: acceptance; reason; love; joy; peace; gratitude and so on to enlightenment.

So as if to be in a bad way was not bad enough the more garbage we tell ourselves the worst off we get, as we are feeding the negative side of the energy or the lower vibrational frequency if you prefer 😉   Below you can see the emotions and the alpha point is the worst place possible! There are contracting energy levels and emotional states such as guilt, shame, as low as 20, 30 with apathy at 50 and fear at 100…

ultimate consciousness

ultimate consciousness

What is interesting to note is that anger (150) is higher up the vibrational scale than fear (100) and that one has to find courage, move through Neutrality & Willingness to get to Acceptance (350).  We can and should take the time to look at this image for it is the result of years of work by Dr Hawkins.

The absolute minimum place to start vibrating at to get any higher and be in a state of flow is love 500… 🙂

So how does this relate you your current situation?

If you are reading this article it means you have begun your evolutionary journey along the ultimate consciousness ladder – and well done by the way.  You may have been in a violent relationship thus vibrating at a low frequency, I was when I started at shame. Being in this vibration does not allow you to have any other action in your life but that which leads you to the frequency you resonate with at that given time. 

Thus yes you chose to let this violence into your life so as to fulfil the “prophecy” of meriting this shame…

But enough of that for now we have grown up the ladder a lot and this is where it gets to be fun. This is also why I believe we have to separate and get divorced to break free of those emotions for good. So really if you are here I can’t congratulate you enough.

Now what?

Now things get somewhat more complicated before coming out the other end… But the end of the tunnel is in sight 😀


To get to the outside world you need support, love and comprehension from people who have no judgement, who do not know your story and are just there to give support.

I was extremely lucky for I moved towns in fact I moved area all together! From a county village to a town with 800,000 inhabitants that had been English and that was just booming. So no longer in my French bickering, low energy village, but the upbeat town of Bordeaux.

I knew no one, I was lost but I was free. I had the community of love and support online. These people were just oozing love, and the mentorship was second to none, the webinars every night if I chose it. Yes I needed to be plugged in, for sure. I needed to just help someone – on the community site – with some small detail about their autoresponders, their landing pages or their mind set and I was a heroine! I needed that to boost my self confidence, to be working on some project that I WAS WORTHY OF really helped me see it through.

So this is what I offer you right now – you too can be part of the community where we call each other “more than family”, where we all vibrate at a minimum of acceptance, where we are all on the same journey of ultimate consciousness striving to reach the next step. Every one is so much willing to help the other it is ridiculous if you look at it from the outside, but on the inside it is warm, immediate radiation of love, hope, and gratitude.

Once you get to vibrate at this level your heart is full, your soul at peace and you can get fulfilment for you are now helping others.

If this sounds like something you could do with right now, work hard and get rewards beyond what you imagined possible then I shall invite you to our loving community. Please click here

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