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Hey corporate, look an old friend, let’s go play…

by | Sep 17, 2016

What to do when you want to see an old friend??

My Mother came over and I am fortunate enough to just take time off, time out and be present for her and what she wants to do. This is the life I have chosen, and it ‘s not always easy for sure!

The salary…

It does not drop in at the end of the month – although I do have child benefit from the government, yes.

The recognition…

Sometimes is not present no matter how hard you worked. When you do work on yourself, on your soul in order to get to the next level, breaking glass ceilings and what have yous no one notices and often there are no immediate monetary rewards…

The fulfillment…

Yes, oh yes that is definitely there! There is not a better feeling than taking time off to do your thing, and if that means accompanying your Mother to the beach then so be it! Even if it was for me very much of a pain point and thank goodness we went slightly more North than were I used to live – the beaches on the Atlantic coast are more or less the same but the route to get to them differ…

So the choice has to be made, the choice has to come from you and for you.

Are your corporate events and ‘niceties’ bringing you

  • your worth?

  • fulfillment?

  • happiness?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then you are doing pretty good and continue until you get a yes to all three.

On the otherhand…

  • What if you could get paid your worth, and stop trading time for money?

  • What if that report you gave in for your boss could be instead an ebook you just created to give value to your subscribers?

  • What if the day on the beach could bring you more than the two hour walk you just had?

Should this tingle your imagination, your higher self to enquire about how this is possible, how the happiness and fulfillment that can and will swamp in on you and instead of weighing you down, just lift you up to higher planes than you have experienced as of yet, then please be my guest and hit the link – here! This will take you to a page where much information is given about the system I use to enable me to do this – lift myself to higher planes and earn money whilst I’m doing it! I encourage you to sign up with your name and email here, so that you will get videos explaining in much more detail how I do all this marketing online and how this business model can truly set you off on this path 🙂 sent to your inbox so as to listen to them quietly ‘chez vous’ 🙂

I am blessed and excited for you to know about this amazing business model that has enabled me to not only survive during my divorce period but thrive and stay at home with the children!

My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace.

Having gone from a violent relationship (27 years) to single Mum with 4 children, I worked hard. The mind is everything and without a good mindset you can do nothing of value.

I now run my own business, have my own workshops, create my own products and live the life I make for myself. It really all took shape when I met Jay and Stuart. Twas a blessing that I would wish on every single person who is in any violence.

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