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Here you will find the most simple and easy tools to get you started.lighttunnelyorkshire

I like to think of these as prehistoric tools, you know stone axes, flints…

These are simple starters so that you may get your own hand in the game – and thus your head in gear 😉

here for the tools




To quieten the pain I have concocted easy concepts that you can master in any situation.   I mastered these during violent times so hoping now you are in a better situation…

These ‘tools’ are a little like middle ages – the peasants are using animals and hand tools; the artists paints and brushes… This should get you into the ease of use and thus the habit forming era 😉

Tools here 



tools1`These are the proper tools that you have evolved to using both in the evolutionary phase of the process but also in the transitionary phase of apprenticeship from prehistoric, to modern small electrical tools such as the mechanical screwdriver to the big concrete breaking machines and even cranes!

You need time to get to grips with these hence the apprenticeship phase – some of these tools really really saved me from staying that scared lashing out defensive girl into a calm, strong, level headed woman that can run a business, keep a house going whilst educating the children – PRICELESS lessons I learnt with these tools. Enjoy 🙂

Tools here




blog1Now we’re in the fast lane. Now you have the basics I can talk with pertinence to thee 🙂

Or you can use the blogs to better understand the tools, prehistoric to modern via the middle ages 😉

Or again you may pick an article and then look into the tools.

This is for you. I want to empower YOU the way I was to live a totally loving life so fulfilled that to get up is a blessing and that gratitude oozes out of you.  Like Bees are drawn to honey you are now the nectar that the bees come to get the pollen from to make the honey.


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Any questions, thoughts, comments –

let me know 🙂 

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