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To play with toddlers is such fun. This is still the age when they think the world of you and you can do no wrong!!!

I think that the 1st place to look is sit down with yourself and wonder what YOU like to do. Make a list of things you love doing:

  1. running
  2. drawing
  3. getting wet
  4. playing with puzzles
  5. cooking
  6. making paper maché
  7. just sticking things on paper calling it art….
  8. Get the idea

Then go to your friendly Google and search how to best do these activities with toddlers.

  • Back in my day the internet non existent in France, I would go to the library to get books HERE I DISCOVERED A TREASURE……….
    • My kids loved to have stories read to them
    • the librarian was so taken aback that she could read 3 books straight (they were 4; 2; breast feeding time!) with out interruptions that we made it often to the library !!! For me it was a lovely time where I was free to do just reading in the library not even in the same room – Bliss.

So sometimes you find things that really work whilst searching –

one last thing – really enjoy these moments with them – gratitudes a gazillion times for they go by so fast.

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