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Whilst I am not a great believer in physical I have been know to use it obviously with parsimony, but like any parent I am but human!!

I found the techniques had their effect on my children:

  1. Asking the child to hold out their hand and then just gently tapping it has as much effect as a huge big whack! I recall once in England when the law against violence to children had just passed I was visiting family – I live in France – and was in a touristic place in a market place. I told the child to put his hand out and the whole town went silent, like in the films you know… So I did the deed and whilst I was telling my friends over dinner I saw their faces drop…That’s when they told me about the law!!!!!!
  2. I personally hated the I’ll count to 3 and then if you ever get to 3 then you HAVE to execute, so I would occasionally use this technique BUT I would say to the children I am counting in my head… I loved doing this way for there is no time limit or anything but the child’s own time perception 🙂
  3. And my really torturous one was the cold shower (on the legs up to the hips) during the nights when the kids – who all slept together (3 under 5 years old) had some nights with a little over excitement!! The trouble starts when older they just look at you when you put the cold water on their legs and they look at you with defiance!!!!!

I hope you have got some value out of this and I have been extremely vulnerable telling you some truths about the most intimate parts of a mother’s life and whilst I try first and foremost, and believe that the non violence, using the neurolinguistic way, never a spank hurt if properly applied. Nevertheless one must recall mother’s may go awry go read this 5 Reasons Why Feminism Needs to Address Child Abuse (While Yes, Recognizing That Women Can Be Abusive Too) – Everyday Feminism

Bon voyage 🙂 and should you need any help write to me 🙂

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