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it is not an option we often hear in the entrepreneurial world. But if you know that you learn from every mistake, then there is no failure…

You only fail if you quit, give in to ego.

Divorce then is failure by strict definition.

So as I ponder on this it means that I pass judgement on people who divorce. And yes I probably still do – differently but still… I make excuses for my failure by saying ‘Yes, my divorce is different, he was violent and I went down screaming and kicking so I was violent too. We had to go our separate ways for the good of the children!’ There my conscience is quietened?

No, not really for looking back on it you always feel that it was not so hard, it was not so difficult, it was not so…

So I’ll stop you there thank you.

  • I’ll take the fail because it was that hard,
  • it was that difficult and I was hiding in my child’s room to be safe,
  • it was that difficult that i would hide anywhere and be out of site for as long as possible, I would not be me,
  • it was that difficult because I had no friends – thank god for the mobile phones and that my Parisien and my friends in England could be called occasionally,
  • it was that difficult for I could not sing and be happy in my own house, and it was so darn difficult because it was always my fault and I deserved this!

So yes that was my choice and yes that was my life. So one day when you wake up become


then your life changes, something in you breaks and that is perhaps due to the failure that you have just witnessed in the present -now.

So listen to Ophra and give me your views on that please 😉


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