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Overcoming fear of divorce

How can you overcome the fear of your divorce? The last time you were alone was probably during your teens, or up to your marriage (or dating with your to be husband). And that was so long ago… Right?!

So of course you are faced with this overcoming fear of divorce and because you are so changed now, you are such a different person than then! So not only is your body dealing with the break up of a relationship and all that encumbers but with it comes the DIVORCE word and if that was not enough you then have lawyers, grandparents (possibly) and other well meaning family members, children and this is what makes divorce the worst thing in the world whilst at the same time making it the best thing in the world!!! The easiest for the children, so it has been stated and I corroborate this, if you can be civil, courteous, generous up to even having your ex-spouse for coffee then things get better for the children, the father may even get implicated in their education other than school fees (even if that remains very important!).

Overcoming fear is one thing and of divorce is huge.

And how do you start the divorce machine….

Once it is started – BLANK that you don’t know – how to live with ME???? Me and my children???

There will be progresses and processes that you must go through – be prepared to go through too.

  • Overcoming the fear of divorce means that you must first of course deal with the guilt, shame and blame game!
  • Overcoming the fear of divorce includes after that the grieving and getting over those stages to finally
  • Overcoming the fear of divorce stepping out into the light in your full potential 😉


Overcoming the fear of divorce – guilt, shame and blame game.

Guilt comes in many forms and the more you live in this energy the harder it is to get out of your current situation. Guilt is the lowest form of vibrational energy and so you will have to really get some momentum from somewhere, or attach yourself to something that is bigger than your current situation. I was in this vibrational phase of guilt and my life was a shambles! I know I said that for the children people should just NOT divorce but seriously it was so painful for me and our relationship was shit at best that all those years I fear (haha) I was not a good Mother at all.

Shame has synonymous relationship with guilt and yes I often felt ashamed, just thinking about how I was, brings a pain in the pit of my stomach, really. It is one thing to feel shame as a child, you are learning but as an adult… So how to get over that stage? Overcoming the fear of divorce means that you start to overcome this guilt and shame and start to love yourself. This happened for me when I was writing an article (cf and I was explaining that the oxygen mask must be put on yourself FIRST. That you could not serve your clients with anything until you loved your product and that starts with YOU!

Blame game for if you point one finger at some -one or thing- you have five pointing back at you! So forgiveness must start with that not blaming and taking full responsibility for your actions… (whole other topic)

Overcoming the fear of divorce and the grieving phase.

As all this is explained in the article here I shall just touch on it 😉 There are 5 phases to grieving and unless you are prepared to face your demons head on, you can skirt, get around it but unless you pass through to the other side you shall not conquer it and leave it behind.

Overcoming the fear of divorce and using your full potential!

This is bound to happen if you have got momentum to get out of the low vibrations of guilt, shame, anguish through the forgiveness phases via the blame and shame game and then now you are on the other side, you can but shine!

Get your self esteem back – quick video here below.

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