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Do you need to talk about your divorce constantly to your entourage?

Now I have seen in many websites and articles the advice to talk and talk about your divorce, to your family, to your friends, on a forum, in a group…

The problem with this is that you keep the vibrations low and in that state. You can not move forward at all for you are living in the past without the possibility to change a thing. If you are here then the divorce has been mentioned between you and there is generally no going back. What is good to do though is find those rare people – perhaps not friends initially – that can help boost you up the ladder again. These people therefore must be in alignment with the ultimate consciousness and know about it and understand it – to conclude these people are equally going up the ladder.

So what can you do?

Here are steps to get you to evolve along the Ultimate Consciousness ladder: 

  1. During the climb you will find that the only way to start is to stop talking about the problem you are presently facing;
  2. To do this you find one person who can talk to you in energy terms, using simple words (as you do yourself now) and who is not necessarily higher up the ladder than yourself but on it nevertheless;
    Or you can simultaneously start meditating;
  3. Have a 2-5 minute (max) ballout about the problem, go deep feel the pain and cry if you want to – it releases the pressure 😉
  4. Stop – Breathe and go on – do not go back to the pain;
  5. Feel how it can be now, your life single, single parent, being present for the children… Feel it.

But what if I am not yet on the Ultimate Consciousness’s path?

Here is where I started, if truth be known.  I had turned to religion because my littlest daughter was following her friends down the Catholic route of confirmation of the baptism at about 6-8 years old. Bearing in mind I was at a low esteem of myself, I had lost all love in the house for husband and wife, my Mother role was less than satisfactory (I just don’t know where I hid?? Behind 20kg of fat?!). So as I got more and more involved I found a community of love, pure love – yes Paradise to and for me! So I started going to the weekend retreats at this Abbey de Sablonceaux

Just looking at the gate here brings tingles to my every cell for when you enter it your world  changes! There was so much love that gratitude poured out of every person – this was what I wanted to feel, and if I had to go to God to get it so I would, and … Thank you God.

So I was the driver and one of the cooks for the young of 14-18… (video here)

My times there were fabulous and before going home on the sunday the Mass was at about 15.00.  And I believe it was at Easter that the parable was about dropping your problems at Jesus’s feet and he would take care of them. They had us physically do it, should we want to.  So we each in line picked up a stone and laid it at the foot of the cross. How I cried and cried during this ceremony and how much better I felt at home.

So what was the trick?

Stones of love in buckets

Stones of love in bucket

Every time from now on I had a problem,

  1. I would mentally pick up a stone,
  2. place it in a bucket at the foot of the cross.
  3. My problem was then Jesus’s and
  4. all I had to do was fill my bucket with love.
  5. This is the added bonus that keeps you in love as opposed to worrying about your problem constantly.

This was for me the stopping of the blame and shame game. Try it, and do keep me informed. Now I used Jesus – this gave me a community that was nothing but love – but feel free to use whom so ever you desire.  I was fortunate enough to have a ‘work’ community also, where I could talk about energies and be seen as a new thinker on this front. I was working so hard, pushing myself to be impeccable with my word, the 1st agreement, pushing and pushing that I realised that yes I knew quite a lot about that subject. So I started a weekly webinar called MindSeeds that only stopped when I moved to Bordeaux due to lack of internet and me being in a state… But I am starting it up again, so links forthcoming 😉

Should you want a community that loves and supports you and allows you to laugh about other things all the while bringing your business forwards then meet the men who started it all, my mentors, my friends now Stu and Jay.

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