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Meditate Now To Change Your Future

Meditation is known for its beneficial effects on the human mind. This in turn has repercussions on the less stressed body. A new way of caring great care of yourself. Here in this short introductory video the 6 phases are broken down so as you can better ‘see’ the benefits it had for me and thus now you too can feel the goodness radiating through your body.

Self Talk...

Water we all agree make up about 70% of our bodies. We also know that the moon has an effect on the water masses with the tides. So if I was to explain to you how words you use, vibrate at an actual frequency that can be measured by water crystals, show you the results of certain words and their effect on the water, perhaps you too would start paying more attention to the language you use TO YOURSELF. Read on

You must also pay attention to the list of words and phrases that you say to yourself and how this will affect your whole being.

Everything vibrates for a reason

There must be something with the vibration of this phrase for it gets you started in a daze, to then throw you in a maze and out you come in a haze! So this is the grounding phase to get you HERE right this minute sitting tight.

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