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Robert Kiyosaki’s 2016 Predictions – ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION BABY BOOMERS?


Robert Kiyosaki has a financial education for sure!

When he predicts something he has his facts straight, no milling about the bush either, he does not mince his words! So when in 2002 he wrote Rich Dad’s Prophecy did you read it? Did you buy it even?! R. Kiyosaki predicts that the stock market will crash in 2016, due to Baby Boomers

Kiyosaki means business!

In an article Marketwatch of March 2016 he was quoted as saying that his predictions were ‘right on target’ and that the ‘meltdown has started. ‘

Simple: Demographics & Policy = Future

The U.S. Census Bureau accounts for about 76 million baby boomers to be over 70 by 2016. These people have not been withdrawing from their 401(k) accounts, other than the minimum.

The 401(k)’s retirement funds are comprised mainly of stocks and bonds. The baby boomers are sticking to the stocks as they provide a higher return on investment.


Soon there will be 80 million baby boomers tipping the scales and withdrawing money from the stock market… This is what will cause the crash.

My question to you is simple:

Why let yourself be in this position? If you are a baby boomer, like myself, then why take the risk that all your hard earnt money that you saved in whatever form you choose to be taken from under your feet?

The solution

How about joining the digital world and getting a digital education? Try investing in yourself and learning some digital skills along the way 😉 This what I did and it all started when I requested som videos. These free trainign changed my entire life! So get them here.

My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace.

Having gone from a violent relationship (27 years) to single Mum with 4 children, I worked hard. The mind is everything and without a good mindset you can do nothing of value.

I now run my own business, have my own workshops, create my own products and live the life I make for myself. It really all took shape when I met Jay and Stuart. Twas a blessing that I would wish on every single person who is in any violence.

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