Say what?? You have not yet taken advantage of this system? Read on then….

So this offer concerns the courses put together for you, helping you get over the hurdles of early stages of divorce.

These come as modular systems, 1 to 3, called Ultimate Consciousness.


I have helped people via my beta testing:

  1. Have seen that a subscription model is by far more beneficial to you all;

  2. There will be months where the finances are too tight during the early stages of divorce to even feed the children – stories of how I survived come later on – suffice to say for now I feel your pain points;

  3. To be with someone who understands – really lets you get your hair down (I shaved) and scream and shout, have a good boogie woogie with a glass of vino 😉

  4. To be with others going through it is so soothing to the rawness of the tearing separation;

  5. To help you through that first Christmas without the children;

  6.  The list is ongoing – but it does get better

  7.  So with this subscription model you can get to be with me and each other – let’s form that community <3

Here’s a lovely image of me before and after 😉


Which persona are you?

Left or right?

Stressed out or relaxed?

When I needed it the most I was strong enough, yes, but by golly my life was on the line!! So I had to read, listen, work to dig myself out of the hole, get my pickaxes to haul myself out of the hellhole I was in. It took me years…….

Do you really want to take years?

I guess not?! 


So  I  bring  you something  of  value …

Years faster you shall heal,

Years faster you shall fly to new heights….

And yes I often walk around flying, as in the photo, opening my arms out whilst walking enabling me to give gratitude for my new life 😀  (a photo of me my daughter took – note I fly amongst the stars!! )


Get the modula system as a subscription – that’s right

you’ll have access to a mentor daily and monthly…

I am so excited at the prospect of being there for you, helping you get out of your rut much faster, giving you the right tools, creating a community of like minded individuals so that you too can grow, by teaching others, exchanging with others, meeting with others…

So be sure to make the most of it
The Modular System
There are three modules – these will be available to you at a ridiculously affordable rate, I mean I went through sh^t so you wouldn’t – start now!
Daily Facebook lives - catch me 😉
Come on let’s walk together here (pun intended! – oh and to understand it you have to catch me live!!)
Ah the Mentorship sessions - Mindseeds plantated
This is where you shall take the lead… I have discovered that the fastest way to progress is to teach others what you have just learned.  So let’s co-create <3
Your Membership Stops when you want.
There’s nothing worse than holding onto someone who wants out – after all that’s why we’re here no?! So simple unsubscribe buttons and baring in mind that the payment systems may take a week or two here in France to register, it is then the end of that payment method for you. Should you be going up a notch for more or out for now, I completely understand and respect that – no questions asked. Namaste
These are in the pipeline for now – suffice to say I am negotiating with a Chateau wine owner of Bordeaux; organic goat cheese farmer in Provence for the workshops, and Peru (Machu Picchu, Paracas National Reserve…), Philippines, for the retreats…. Awaiting feedback from you all too 😉

Buy all 3 modules – special offer with the subscriptions only –

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