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I used this tool and it blew my mind!

Go here to get your own vision statement.

I shall share with you mine. I added just a few words to the layout that Proctor Gallagher Institute have prepared and the statement is blowing my mind everytime I read it, with gratitude and love.

I’m Cat Payen, a joyful,dynamic, and thoughtful Woman who lives in France I’m so happy and grateful now that I have helped divorcees into a delightfully divorced situation, mental shifts and new financial opportunities that they too can have a fulfilled life after this stage of their lives – a new beginning. I’m feeling good; I’m feeling great because I’ve just made my first 1000’s divorcee delightfully divorced a reality! My purpose in life is to bring joy and honour to others so that they shine and know they are worthy of peace.. When I wake up in the morning I feel gratitude and blessed to be alive, my days are full of loving, kind, gratitudeinessfull energy and when I lay my head to rest at night I feel completely exhausted – good way for I gave it my all knowing I’ve accomplished more than I set out and helped more people than I thought I would, making me that extra ten thousand in ┬áthe bank xx. I’m happiest when I’m living my purpose, and the world is a better place because I’m contributing to other beings in aspiring to allow them to live their fullest potential.

So although this is a draft and can always be modified, it is still a pretty good draft to start form!


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