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Ultimate Consciousness.

Even just looking at this one can tell that the bottom energies are not the best ones to have… Unfortunately most people start here at shame! To face your shame it takes five times the amount of vibrational energy to face your fear than to feel shame – opting for the easy route?!  Because I studied chemistry, atoms, molecules, how they intertwine to make you move, walk, talk, be….  I can relate to this type of theory for every atom vibrates at a certain frequency. Water for example can be solid (low vibrational state) and the more you heat it the higher the vibrational energy via water – giving hydroelectric power – to the gaseous state steam – movement of locomotives!  We all have a change of mood during the full moon and the moon is known for it’s effects on tides… So energy and vibrations just are a part of my life and I have always studied them. First in rather scientific terms and now in esoteric ones which are coming back to science via quantum physics!

So atoms vibrate, vibrations make frequencies, frequencies make waves, waves make light, sounds, make bonds – keeps the atoms together forming molecules, forming shapes forming physical things you can touch – metal (natural) and glass (anthropic/made by humans), weapons, machines, robots, rockets, paints…..

But what does go on in the brain?

How do these electrical impulses passing from one nerve to the other make anything happen? Where do emotions come from? Out of nowhere we get this idea, and from this idea we get thoughts, which become an action which make your idea real. This is how you feel and how your thoughts become real they vibrate at a resonance giving a certain frequency….

So how do you build yourself up?

Self esteem and self love is the only way… -From Shame to Enlightenment- Consciousness/#

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