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Unexpected Divorce 2


In this second article I look at how to recover after an unexpected divorce announcement.

These are basic steps to take regardless, during a divorce but if it is completely unexpected then you may need more time to heal your soul.

The key to recovery after an unexpected divorce is to  take back control of your own life.

Acceptance is mandatory.

You can not live if you’re in regret, anger and fear.

6 steps to take:

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #1  Mourn

  • You sacrificed a lot for your marriage and now you’ll have to go through grief and its steps – denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance.
  • Should you get stuck in one of these phases – get professional help, especially if there was abuse or a narcissistic partner involved.

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #2 Admit

  •  and don’t live off ‘what if’s’  of the past. Admit that the unexpected divorce is costing you either emotionally or/and financially.

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #3 Trust

  • That this feeling of crap will pass. Healing is needed by the body and the soul. This may be a good time for spiritual growth either God or the universe…
  • Meditation helps a great deal, it can liberate and get your creative juices flowing again.

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #4 Forgive

  • Yourself, your partner, and the universe. To forgive is not to forget or if violence, narsistic behaviour to forgive is not to pardon.

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #5 Self Awareness

  • Make centered decisions: becoming more aware allows to move forwards. Taking care of business properly feels good, so allow a hated ex to see his children if they are a good parent…

Unexpected divorce announcement -Action Step #6 Accept

  • Once you are at a place where you can understand what happened to you and this means you can see more clearly.


Generally after divorce, especially an unexpected one, you may feel in overwhelm of your emotions. live them out and get to the healing part of it all.

Time ultimately heals all wounds. There is no short cut to healing and the quicker you allow yourself to feel, the quicker the healing.

To help you heal it would be great to have a community. This for me was vital on my journey to recovery. Should you like to meet them please click here.

My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace.

Having gone from a violent relationship (27 years) to single Mum with 4 children, I worked hard. The mind is everything and without a good mindset you can do nothing of value.

I now run my own business, have my own workshops, create my own products and live the life I make for myself. It really all took shape when I met Jay and Stuart. Twas a blessing that I would wish on every single person who is in any violence.

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