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Google Hangout portraying the feelings of new marketers in the digital world the highs, the lows and the blows!


New Marketers In The Digital Economy

Their feelings and how they get to the top;

Their secret tactics;

How they survive;

What to do if they get busted?

And so much more…


I am myself one of these characters – super heros – they are called even! ┬áHaving had enough of the mundane day in day out the world had to offer me I stumbled upon this by pure luck. Now whilst i can hear some of you say ‘There’s no such thing as luck!’ or even ‘You were supposed to be there’

I shall reply with this ‘What are you going to do now?’ You are in my shoes and are stumbling upon it, so now what?

Only you can chose your future, and I invite you to come to this webinar on Sunday at 15.00 because frankly there is no better place to be – you can have this on and be in the garden, cooking a cake for Sunday tea, having a ‘nap’ after Sunday lunch… But this one hangout could very well change the course of your existence!

See you Sunday ­čÖé



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