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What you don’t know about the AI Robots…

This is the new era of things to come for sure.


And AI will even give us time abundance making time poverty a thing of the past.


But in the research (great deal of information here) I did for this article there were on the whole comments about how in the end AI was not up to much:



AI for the use of limbs – baby steps are needed before we can leap!




AI in the cleaning industry –

New AI hoovering machine

New AI hoovering machine

The ‘hoover’ or ‘Rosa’ does not differentiate between noise pollution and real dust, the human element is still needed to empty the trash!














AI in The cloud

AI in icloud so familiar to us now, so scary then...

AI in icloud so familiar to us now, so scary then…

There was a lot of progress in the analysis of data and fast transmission of data in the cloud enabling faster and faster analysis of data – some by AI the final analysis by humans:










AI in the Military


The uses in war tactics is more than satisfactory – the cost of a machine being blown up is not nearly as high as a human life:




AI and the personal assistant


This seems very advanced but the subtleties of the human sense of humour or the language needs great work;





The work space





IBM Watson in a league of his own…


IBM Watson is of course changing the way some jobs are done and thank goodness… Vets for example in the future can have the animal in a scanning devise and all the history will be detected by the cloud connection mentioned above, plus the analysis done in that devise of small blood samples, saliva etc that can help greatly for medical care, as can for humans also, so the vet’s and Dr’s jobs will change in the fact that the diagnosis will be different and precise but then what? We still need the medicals to prescribe a treatment (as a homeopath I am hoping that a whole angle change on medicine will evolve into a more holistic approach mixing all the medical knowledge of the Chinese, your Grandma’s herbal remedies giving a much better body in the end – but this is my view solely!);




The adult industry!


Sex Robots


There is one area where for now the advancement is satisfactory – the sex robots 😉








The Automobile industry

AI robot self driven car

AI robot self driven car

I personally love to drive and it is a lovely thought that bad drivers will be stopped from doing harm, that we can have that extra wine glass – I live in Bordeaux, wine capital and there are many events to try wines, for now I ride my bicycle 😉


It is true the long motorway drives will be better when we can just possibly do other things if we really do not need to be concentrating constantly on the road.





So where is AI robots going?

AI will bring with it amazing changes and most as we can see are for the benefit of human beings. This leaves just one unanswered question …

What do we do… If… What… How… Where… When

What do we do with all this free time? Time poverty is out the window and time abundance has arrived.

What do we do if by misfortune our job has been replaced by a robot?

And pray tell me what jobs the AI will bring with it, robots or not?


Well for one as a stay at home Mum I knew the AI robots would change things for my children for sure.  And although I knew nothing of all of this couple of years back, I a normal housewife started searching online for something…  Personally I really wasn’t sure what – and by then we lived in the rural landes of France so the connection was so bad that I could not do things quickly, so I guess I started thinking about what I wanted to search for! But this one ad caught my attention… and I clicked on it. Now bear in mind this is 2010 and there are only about 600 million users on Facebook! (1 billion in 2012 and today, 2016 about 3 billion active users!)

The start of my digital journey commenced.

I learned skill sets, became a digital strategist, an entrepreneur with my own company and my own products – digital, that I could sell via a button that would take virtual money turning it into Euros at my end.

What a skill set to learn, what an amazing asset to acquire. Now I can do with my life more ‘stuff’ than I ever dreamed possible and time poverty? This happens when you trade time for money, I’m trading time for value and so the question to ask is; how do you limit your value? If you learn more you gain more value, so it is non ending. Now don’t get me wrong I worked hard to get all these skills and knowledge, the journey has been memorable.


AI Robots acomin' round the corner when she comes...

AI Robots acomin’ round the corner when she comes…

What say ye to giving it a go? Are you worthy of it?

Plus with the AI Robots coming you better be prepared, for old jobs are going even if new ones are coming.

I am a babyboomer and not a millennial so I got in early you could say. And things for you down here at the “Digital Fort” are doing just about fine thank you!


Should you be interested in learning the same skill sets that I learned and that got me out of the financial mess I was in (I did not have a job) and get some skills so that even IBM Watson don’t scare ya! Should you be interested click here and I’ll take you to the page where that information is available. You will then get some videos sent to your inbox to digest the information at your leisure – please not at work 😉  After that should you want to rodeo ride with us for a month you can, the milky bars are on The Kid for 30 days.

So why not get your own skills up to scratch and change your life? Click here to get informed.

My why is to bring joy and honour to you, so that you may shine and know you are worthy of peace.

Having gone from a violent relationship (27 years) to single Mum with 4 children, I worked hard. The mind is everything and without a good mindset you can do nothing of value.

I now run my own business, have my own workshops, create my own products and live the life I make for myself. It really all took shape when I met Jay and Stuart. Twas a blessing that I would wish on every single person who is in any violence.

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